Our History

In 2015 a group of women got together. We were looking for a way to join with other women in our community to make an impactful difference for nonprofits on the Virginia Peninsula. They knew they could not do it alone. We recruited women from all walks of life to join with us, and Impact 100 Greater Peninsula was born. Today, Impact 100 still operates on the same principles in partnership with the Peninsula Community Foundation as a donor-advised fund. Since its inception, Impact 100 Greater Peninsula has awarded over $422,000 to 16 nonprofits on the Virginia Peninsula.

For more information about how Impact100 started, see our council story.

The Impact100 Model

The Impact100 model is readily available to all communities who wish to implement it. The model is designed to empower women to see themselves as philanthropists and overcome the barriers women have historically faced in this arena. The model is designed for transformational grant-making within local communities, with a minimum grant size of $100,000.***

At Least 100 Women
Come Together

Each Woman
Donates $1,000

is donated to a
Local Charity


Focus Areas

We provide nonprofit organizations with grants in increments of at least $100,000 across five broad Focus Areas:

Arts & Culture



Health & Wellness


How it Works

The annual $1,000 donations of Impact100 Greater Peninsula members are pooled into a grant fund to be given away to nonprofit organizations in our community. The number and size of grants awarded are dependent on our membership, but our goal is to give incremental grants of $100,000 each year. Grants can be awarded in the areas of Arts & Culture, Education, Family, Health & Wellness, and Environment. Grants are awarded based on a vote of the Impact100 Greater Peninsula membership at our annual meeting. Every woman who gives $1,000 or more has one vote.

Board Members

Tasha Rose
Mary Katherine Hogg
Brynn Beal
Grants Co-Chair
Fran Castellow
Grants Co-Chair
Liz Peterson-Rose
Membership Co-Chair
Traci Simons
Membership Co-Chair
Shannon Edwards
Chair Elect, Communiations Co-Chair
Lacey Gray Hunter
Communications Co-Chair
Becki Whitehurst
Events Co-Chair
Alyson Heidenthal
Events Co-Chair
Joan Verhoef
Membership Management
Courtney Gardner
Capacity Grants
Brooke Tiller
Muriel Miller
Beth Moore
Grant Financial Review